Phil Cornell

Name: Phil Cornell

Instrument: Bb Cornet

Date Joined WV&HB: Jan 2017

Previous Bands : Denton Junior Band 1977-1986, Dobcross Silver 1987-1991, WVH 1998-2000, Stalybridge 2001, Besses O’th Barn 2001-2004 Stalybridge 2016, WVH 2017 to date also with WVH vets band

I began playing aged 7yrs old with the newly formed Denton B Band, played there on Soprano Cornet until my family moved from Denton to Saddleworth where I joined Championship section Dobcross on Tutti Solo Bb Cornet. I finished playing for 7yrs in 1991 due to working away from home, by this time living in Shawclough.  I saw an advert for players wanted and dusted the cornet off and joined WVH, soon after I was invited by a friend to join Stalybridge and at the time, playing back in the Championship section was too inviting. I had opportunity to audition for principle cornet of ‘Besses’,  although unsuccessful, I joined on assistant principal often covering the top seat for the Norwegian principle. During my time in banding I’ve played in all the top competitions, Senior Cup, Senior Trophy, Grand Shield, British Masters, National Finals and twice in the British Open with ‘Besses’ and was fortunate enough to have played with some fantastic musicians and brilliant conductors.  Thanks to the years of tuition and mentoring by Bert Howarth, I am now back playing again with WVH and I’m looking forward to getting back to a reasonable standard again (easily said!) to help in pushing the band forward.